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Weblox is the fastest and simplest webpage template builder.

Use Weblox to generate a fully responsive webpage based on Bootstrap. You choose the blox, we build the code.

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Getting started with Weblox is easyHow It Works


Blox come in all shapes and sizes, and are created by designers and developers in the community. Browse through the blox listing and add your favorites to your personal bucket! Blox can be sorted based on popularity, when they were created, or based on tags.

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Blox that you added to your bucket are available in your sidepanel to add to your canvas. Add, rearrange, and delete blox to your heart's content.

Once you're satisfied, hit the 'Generate' button - and voila! The entire code for your page is generated and available for you to use.

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Build Your Own

As a user you can design and create your own blox to give back to the Weblox community. There are no restrictions on what you submit, although other community members will rate your code, which will further determine its popularity.

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About Us


Haris Mahmood
Co Developer

Haris currently works as a front end UI/UX designer + developer at OMERS. He has also been freelancing for the past five years offering various design and front end development services. He is a recent graduate from Hackeryou's part time Ruby on Rails course where Weblox was born.

In his free time, he enjoys longboarding, playing soccer, and eating whatever he can get his hands on.


Trudy MacNabb
Co Developer

Trudy has worked as a mainframe developer at RBC for the past five years and decided to further expand her development skillset by joining Hackeryou's part time Ruby on Rails course.

Trudy is extremely passionate about dance parties, tomatoes, and public transportation.

Weblox began as a final project during the Rails Development course at Hackeryou, and is now continuously growing due to the immense support it has received. A super-big thanks to Brad Robertson, Ryan Brunner and Enric Ribas for their continuous help and support throughout the project.